925 Sterling Silver Little Flower Snowflake Cute Silver Stud Earrings

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Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: 925 silver

It comes with a gift box and a pair of plastic butterfly.

The photoes are pictured by micro, the size appears larger.
plz see the real size in the photo of wearing.

It will be shipped by international airmail service.
Hope you like it.

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Sterling silver is fastness but oxidation will occur as time pass by.
Please use the silver cleaning cloth or Fluoride toothpaste to clean jewelry surface.

2.Silver Maintenance:
a. You may paint a little transparent nail polish on the surface to keep silver bright.
To remove the nail polish, soak your jewelry in banana water and then use clean water to wash.

b. To avoid your silver jewelry out of shape, you’d better not wear other heavy metal jewelry together.

c. Do not let your silver jewelry touch any sulfur and its chemical compound or any other chemical liquid such as perfume and cleanser to prevent metamorphism.

d. Do not wear it when you swim, bath, do sports, wash clothes and other housework.

e. If you are not going to wear it soon, use silver cleaning cloth to clean the surface first, and then put it into an enclosing package.
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